Zune Announces New Features

November 12, 2007

On the same day that Apple announces their upcoming ‘a little more portable’ notebook (can’t call it a UMPC at 13 inches), Microsoft released their much anticipated press release on the changes coming to the Zune. Caution AppleInsider employs some nasty pop-ups, so keep that in mind if you visit that Apple link above. What […]

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Reviewing FeedMyZune

March 14, 2007

Back in February I wrote a review on my new Zune, which I am still enjoying, mostly due to the FM radio, I might add, but I wanted to spend a little time on the app I am using to pull down my video and audio feeds. I had an iPod before, and will preface […]

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Zune and iPod Mobile Gaming

January 10, 2007

Apple and Microsoft will go head to head to capture the ‘mobile gaming via music player’ market in the coming years. Apple certainly has a head start but Microsoft shouldn’t be discounted because of their own success in gaming (and their bottomless coffers). Peter Moore said, at CES, that Zune will get mobile gaming capabilities […]

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