Kirby’s Dream Collection coming to Nintendo Wii this September

June 22, 2012

Nintendo has revealed a release date and new teaser trailer for Kirby’s Dream Collection, a compilation of games in the classic Kirby action/platformer series being released in celebration of the character’s 20th anniversary. The game is planned for release on September 16 in North America for the Nintendo Wii. (Via Wired.) The games included are […]

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New releases for the week of April 1st, 2012: Xenoblade Chronicles, Kinect Star Wars, Anomaly: Warzone Earth

April 4, 2012

Xenoblade Chronicles (Nintendo Wii) The long-anticipated Japanese RPG finally makes its North American debut. Tetsuya Takahashi, one of the main men behind Xenogears and Xenosaga, is this game’s director and scenario writer, though it’s a sequel only in a spiritual sense, as Xenosaga was to Xenogears. At this point the game is probably better known […]

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Game Developers Study

game developer study August 13, 2008

Game Developer Research just put out their “2008 State Of Game Development Survey.” Pretty interesting data on game developers here. What are they working on? 70% respondents are making computer games (PC, Mac) 43% are console game developers 28% are web game developers 16% developing games for handhelds (DS, PSP) Console Developers (some overlap) 73% […]

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Preparing For Barcamp Madison and GDC

March 1, 2007

I’ve spent the last hour preparing my video camera to hold a massive amount of video. I’m heading to Barcamp Madison (Madison, WI) tomorrow and I’ll spend the weekend packing in as much learning as I possibly can (you should see the sessions already planned). Of course, that fact that we’re having a LAN party, […]

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Lazy Wii

January 31, 2007

(via Joystiq)

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My Home Office

January 8, 2007

I was spurred to take some pics of my home office setup after I realized how much I enjoyed drooling over the mobile office setups of Aaron Tersteeg, Steve Paine and Layne Heiny, I had to share some of my pics. Of course, the closest thing I have to UMPC is a smart phone (Treo […]

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WoW With A Wii-mote

January 3, 2007

The video is in Norwegian, so do not expect to understand the how, but the results are pretty special. Joystiq says this crosses the line from geek into official dorkdom, but I am impressed nonetheless. Woot for bluetooth.

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