The Best Tablets For Gaming

September 25, 2012

Whether you are a fan of online gaming, or perhaps you just prefer to download games, tablets are starting to play an increasingly important role. The initial reason for this is size, they are portable enough to take with you on journeys, college or work, whilst at the same time being big enough to provide […]

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New retrospective on the ZX Spectrum published: Speccy Nation: A Tribute to the Golden Age of British Gaminig

September 14, 2012

Here’s something that may be of interest to people who are interested in the history of gaming, especially if you want to expand your knowledge beyond the United States and Japan. Longtime games writer Dan Whitehead has just published a new book entitled Speccy Nation: A Tribute to the Golden Age of British Gaming, a […]

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Can Technology Be Useful In The Classroom

September 13, 2012

Technology can be highly useful in the classroom for a number of reasons. The use of technology in the classroom can range from assisting in basic communication, through to encouraging alternative learning methodologies. At the same time, technology can be used to boost creative and design skills amongst students, and can help to develop transferable […]

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California – New Law Requires Smoke Detectors in Every Single Family Home

July 4, 2011

Only in California… This is one of those laws that really scream Big Brother, but I can’t work myself up into getting upset about it. The truth is that most of us don’t have these because we really need a gentle push to go out there and get one. We just purchased one for our […]

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Game Developers Study

game developer study August 13, 2008

Game Developer Research just put out their “2008 State Of Game Development Survey.” Pretty interesting data on game developers here. What are they working on? 70% respondents are making computer games (PC, Mac) 43% are console game developers 28% are web game developers 16% developing games for handhelds (DS, PSP) Console Developers (some overlap) 73% […]

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Zune Announces New Features

November 12, 2007

On the same day that Apple announces their upcoming ‘a little more portable’ notebook (can’t call it a UMPC at 13 inches), Microsoft released their much anticipated press release on the changes coming to the Zune. Caution AppleInsider employs some nasty pop-ups, so keep that in mind if you visit that Apple link above. What […]

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GameTap Goes Ad-Supported (and FREE)

May 2, 2007

I’ve not gotten a subscription to GameTap because we already have far too many gaming choices at home that I can play easily with a controller. I’m not a fan of keyboard-controlled games (gasp) and I haven’t taken the time to make my television easily linked with a computer, until now. When we moved, my […]

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Some Pics From GDC

March 21, 2007

I found these while perusing some friend’s sites. Here’s two pics of me from GDC. I didn’t really know where to post them so here they are. The first is from Eneloop’s Myspace page (rechargable batteries from Sanyo). Nikki is a friend and she was kind enough to interview me at GDC. She also gave […]

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Reviewing FeedMyZune

March 14, 2007

Back in February I wrote a review on my new Zune, which I am still enjoying, mostly due to the FM radio, I might add, but I wanted to spend a little time on the app I am using to pull down my video and audio feeds. I had an iPod before, and will preface […]

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Preparing For Barcamp Madison and GDC

March 1, 2007

I’ve spent the last hour preparing my video camera to hold a massive amount of video. I’m heading to Barcamp Madison (Madison, WI) tomorrow and I’ll spend the weekend packing in as much learning as I possibly can (you should see the sessions already planned). Of course, that fact that we’re having a LAN party, […]

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