New Halo 4 screenshots and trailer video

by johndrewmarkley on September 29, 2012

Microsoft has put out some new materials for upcoming shooter Halo 4, including screenshots of both single player and multiplayer modes and a new trailer called “Weapons of the Covenant.”

The “Weapons of the Covenant” trailer is just what it says on the tin, depicting some of the alien weapons available in the game. These include the standard energy-blasting rifles and pistols, the needle gun, the explosive concussion rifle, a nasty explosive/anti-vehicle weapon called the fuel rod cannon, the venerable Covenant sword, and a new melee weapon called the gravity hammer.

The single player screenshots depict the first level of the single player campaign, which is set after the conclusion of the war between the human race and its alien adversaries, the Covenant, and will apparently focus on the legacy and return of the Prometheans, warrior caste of caste of the Forerunners, the ancient aliens who built the game’s eponymous ring-shaped megastructure. Which, lest we forget. were built to contain the threat of the ravenous parasites known as the Flood by destroying all intelligent life in the galaxy if they ever got loose, so you can imagine why some of them coming back might not be a good thing. (I imagine the average Forerunner homeowner’s response to discovering a termite infestation in his basement would’ve been to higher a pest-control contractor to drop an atomic bomb on his house, or something.) Entitled “Dawn,” it is set on the wreck of the human ship where recurring series protagonist Master Chief was last seen going into suspended animation at the end of Halo 3 and has now been awakened.

The multiplayer screenshots show the first 2 stages in the game’s “Spartan Ops” mode, “Land Grab” and “Sniper Alley,” depicting a firefight in a dry, dusty canyon. Spartan Ops is a cooperative multiplayer mode for up to four players in which players play through a series of missions where up to four simultaneous players play out the exploits of a a team of elite SPARTAN-IV troops called Majestic Squad in battles against the returned Prometheans and renegade hold-out soldiers of the alien Covenant who refuse to accept peace with humans. The levels will be released episodically as free DLC and tell an ongoing story that will intertwine with the main story of Halo 4’s single-player campaign. It’s a really neat idea and the kind of thing that’s a lot more likely to get my interest then the typical multiplayer modes of first-person shooters, so looking forward to seeing more of this.

Halo 4 is scheduled for release on Xbox 360 on November 6th.

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