New Releases for the Week of August 5th, 2012: Persona 4 Arena, The Amazing Spider-Man on PC (sort of)

by johndrewmarkley on August 10, 2012

Persona 4 ArenaPersona 4 Arena (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) One of the odder console games have come out recently, Persona 4 Arena is a 2D fighting game published by Atlus based on the Japanese RPG Persona 4, originally released on the PlayStation 2. This isn’t the first fighting game spinoff of an RPG, but the idea still seems really weird to me. Not bad, mind you, but weird.

(Even weirder is that in Japan, this game actually had an arcade release. If I were just browsing in an arcade and suddenly came upon a Persona 4 fighting next to the Street Fighter machine, my first thought would probably be that I was actually asleep and dreaming, and that this was just one of those times when the usual mental filter that normally makes you blithely accept things that would be obviously absurd in the real world had stopped working. Then again, this hypothetical scenario is already taking place in some sort of alternate universe where arcades with games made this century still exist in the United States, so perhaps my bizarro universe counterpart would take it in stride.)

Persona 4 Arena features the seven members of your party in Persona 4 as playable characters, along with three characters from persona three, and various characters from both games also put in appearances as noncombatants in the story. The game has a regular versus mode, which can be played alone against the AI, locally with another player, or online, as well as a story mode that presumably explains why these characters are suddenly fighting each other, with multiple campaigns that can be played through following different characters.

Persona 4 is one of my favorite games of the past decade, though unfortunately I’m not much of a fighting game aficionado. The game has been well-received in reviews and was developed by Arc System Works, creators of the popular Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series of fighting games, so if you like the genre might want to check Persona 4 Arena out.

The Amazing Spider-Man (PC)- Personal computer version of the open world action/adventure game, released back in June on consoles, that was supposed to be out this week. however, because Activision has just announced that the digital download version from steam will be delayed until some unspecified date. The boxed retail version has been released, but the retail version is also designed to work via Steam, so buyers of the retail version may have trouble getting the game to work properly. Some people were already irritated about the PC version of the game coming out over a month after the console release, so I wouldn’t want to be the guy responsible for reading customer emails to Activision right now. Or at any other time, but especially now.

The console version of this game is quite cool, so if you’re a PC gamer and a Spider-Man fan this should be worth a look, provided they haven’t botched the port from consoles to PC. I’d wait until whatever the issue with Steam is has been resolved before doing so, however.

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