Top Three Holiday 2011 Games for Young Children

by Robyn Tippins on December 12, 2011

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The below is a guest article from Margot, a writer on the topics of parenting, video games, technology, and Dell Coupons.

Do your kids love gaming as much as you do? If so, you might be wondering what games to get them for the holidays. When you’re looking for the perfect game for your child, you have to consider their age. If you’re shopping for an older child, you may be able to buy them the same games you like to play. You just have to think about how difficult particular games are and how mature the content of certain games are. If you’re looking for games that would be appropriate for young children (ages 5 to 10), look no further. Here are the top games your kids will love to unwrap this holiday season:

1. PokePark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure: Young children absolutely love Pokemon! There’s just something about Pikachu that appeals to them. This game is a little different from your average Pokemon game. Kids get to be Pikachu and explore and adventure around an imaginary place called “PokePark.” Don’t worry! All of your child’s favorite Pokemon characters appear in the game.

2. Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS: Mario has been captivating young minds since the early 90s. This game is a great way to get your children hooked on Mario. The premise of the game is that the rapscallion Bowser has kidnapped the lovely Princess Peach, and Mario has to rescue the princess. In order to rescue her, he has to go through several levels of puzzles and challenges. The best part about this game? The fun never seems to end!

3. Kinect Disneyland Adventures for Xbox 360: This game is just like taking a trip to Disneyland, and you know how much kids love going there! When you play this game, you get assigned an avatar that has the opportunity to walk around the Disneyland theme park, ride on famous Disneyland rides like Splash Mountain, and interact with Disneyland characters. To top it all off, you don’t have to wait in any lines to get on the rides in this game, as you would need to at the actual Disneyland.

When you’re holiday shopping for your kids this year, consider getting them the games above. Whatever you end up giving them, make sure it’s a game they will cherish for years!

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