Zune Announces New Features

by Robyn Tippins on November 12, 2007

On the same day that Apple announces their upcoming ‘a little more portable’ notebook (can’t call it a UMPC at 13 inches), Microsoft released their much anticipated press release on the changes coming to the Zune. Caution AppleInsider employs some nasty pop-ups, so keep that in mind if you visit that Apple link above.

What cracks me up is the way the Microsoft press release reads. It actually says,

“We’re bringing the entire category to the next level by empowering consumers to play a role in redefining the digital music experience.”

This is a quote by J Allard, VP for Zune talking about their aesthetic customization options. Yes, you are really ‘redefining the digital music experience’ because we can place laser engravings of tats on our Zunes. Steve Jobs is likely shaking in his loafers. A real iPod killer…

I won’t bore you with the details of Microsoft’s press release when you can read it yourself, but I will say the coolest thing, in my opin, is the wireless sync option.

Wireless sync. Consumers can set their Zune to automatically sync to their PC collection via a home wireless network whenever it’s placed in its dock or plugged in to charge, making it easy to keep the Zune updated with the latest music or podcasts. Consumers can also manually start a wireless sync from their device as soon as they are within range of their wireless network.

The Vista/Media Center TV show sync was interesting. This one almost sounded awesome, as I record a huge amount of CSIs and Law and Orders on my Media Center:

Recorded television content to go. The Zune software will now import broadcast content recorded on Microsoft Windows Media Center for Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate, so consumers can sync it to their Zune.

However, I am not willing to put Vista on my Media Center, as I have had two machines so far with Vista and both have had to be wiped. It’s going to need to become more stable before I waste anymore time on it.

Other than that, nothing earth-shattering. They still have no Mac support, so I’m going to jump ship to the iPod.

Update: Yahoo! Tech has a good review, but why won’t they let you comment with your url? If I wanted to link to my Yahoo! profile I would have 😉

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