Halo 3 Breast Cancer Tournament: Fight Like A Girl

by Robyn Tippins on October 16, 2007

UnitedForPink has posted that Cavegirls forum is throwing a Halo 3 Breast Cancer tourney this weekend.

Finding a cure for breast cancer isn’t just for walkers and the racers anymore. Meet a determined gamer named Kari Toyama from an active ‘Halo’ gaming community called Cavegirls. I was really intrigued by this story, and I wanted to help spread the word! Playing ‘Halo’ to help find a cure?

Of course, just my luck, it’s already full (I can still sponsor a player though). Not that I would have lasted long, but it surely would have been nice to have a genuine excuse to play H3.

On a related note, my XBox time has increased lately. On Halo 3 we’ve gotten all the skulls, most of the achievements, and have beat it on legendary multiple times (yeah… we rock). Halo is something we never tire of… We’ve even been going back and playing H1 and H2 lately, though playing H1 on a 360 sucks, because it’s SO slow with the emulator running. A friend brought over Bioshock yesterday, so we are currently enthralled in that game, but I expect to be back on LIVE shortly. Hit me up for a friend request (Duzins) if you enjoy slaughtering girls (I love that the sound I make in game as I die now sounds female — great addition Bungie!).

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