Wii For Your PS3

by Robyn Tippins on December 27, 2006

I know how much I want a Wii (anyone know of any deals?), but I was surprised to learn there are a number of people interested in trading their hard-won PS3s for the sweet little Nintendo Wii.

We decided upon looking in some of the hottest cities on craigslist: Austin, New York and San Francisco. In my search of Austin, I only turned up 6 total people who wanted to trade their PS3 for a Wii, so I moved on to New York City, which boasted a pretty substantial 18 desired trades. Here’s where it gets crazy: in San Francisco, there are 48 different PS3 for Wii trades going on at this moment. Now, keep in mind, most of these trades are requesting a Wii plus cash difference, but there is the occasional barter that will take a loss just to get their hands on the latest Nintendo console.

This really does surprise me as the PS3’s Resistance: Fall of Man looks like Half Life 2, and that’s good news for Sony. But then, once you’ve beat it a number of times, what else is there? Most of the games are being given a 6 or below, so after beating Resistance, if you want to justify your $600 price tag, you’ll have to pop in a PS2 game for comfort-play.

When the next installments of Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid come out, we’ll see the PS3 get a nice sales boost. But that should also be right around the time Bungee releases Halo 3…

I can’t afford the PS3, but I am still planning on getting one next year. For now I’m concentrating on adding the Wii to my collection of next gen consoles. We have 2 XBox 360s (one for my office and one for the den) and then a handful of DS handhelds as well. I suppose I should also get a PSP, but the draw just isn’t there yet for me. And really, if anyone knows of an online store that’s carrying a Wii, please leave me a comment with a heads-up.

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