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Oblivion: Elder Scrolls IV – Nights of the Nine

by Robyn Tippins on December 26, 2006

Oblivion: Elder Scrolls - Nights of the Nine

Once you’ve put more than 200 hours into a game, you live for the download-able content. I noticed the Nights of the Nine release but haven’t had a free day to enjoy it until yesterday. It was a quick 10 hours or less, but oh what fun!

Now, this wasn’t a silly ‘repair the orrery’ or one of the several homes (Frostcrag Spire, The Vile Lair, Thieves Den, etc.) that we’re used to seeing. Not that I didn’t buy all the others, hey I’m addicted, but I do appreciate the amount of work that certainly went into the storyline of this one. It’s by far my favorite addition. Granted, it could be that I’m just far out of an Oblivion fix, but I think it’s more likely that this is one fine add-on.

Here’s what it offers you:

1. A compelling, epic tale
2. Some gorgeous armor (with bizarre mantle)
3. Yet another place to sleep
4. A chance to find some new places

If you don’t like it, I’d be surprised. Now, I’m a level 33 Monk Bosmer, so the end battles were relatively easy, but the story was really great and the castles, dungeons and ayelid ruins were creepy/crawly just like we like it.

I think I’m going to play through it on my daughter’s character (she’s only a level 10 and has no invisibility) to see how it feels on that level. Let’s be honest though, I’m not going to update the post to tell you how it goes. If you want an update, leave me a reminder in the comments. I never remember to update a post…